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Rita Castel-Branco is a filmmaker, screenwriter, photographer and art director born in Lisbon, Portugal and brought up in a family very much involved in the art world.

Inspired by David Lynch, Kubrick, Almodovar, among many other artists and photographers, filmmaking is the tool and craft she chose to express herself in a unique way.


From a very young age, she started to photograph with her mother around the world and developed her skills in many areas such as art direction, production, post-production, styling.


In 2013 began working for Laca, a fashion & art production company. Among other projects she worked for Vogue and WINK Pestana Magazine.


In 2017, she went to NY to study filmmaking at the New York Film Academy.

To date Castel-Branco released a couple of highly anticipated short films and commercials.

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